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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Our Family's Statistics

We had our assessments today at the gym we just joined. James, our trainer had asked us to write down everything we had eaten the day before. In my case I was maintaining my weight at about 2400 calories a day. So that means if I follow the 2-week plan he gave us, I will be down to 1400 calories a day. A 1000 calorie drop should give my body a shock. This diet is designed to cleanse the system. James recommended we drink green tea in the morning and at night as well, to help all that water flush out the toxins trapped inside the fat cells that will be empying their contents into our bloodstream.

Here's the plan we are going on tomorrow:

Meal 1
1c oatmeal with 2 tsp Brown sugar twin, skim milk or soy milk for women of my age is optional
5 scrambled egg whites
8 oz water

Meal 2
Medium bowl of fruit salad or protein blend shake (1 scoop powder with 8 oz water)
8 oz water

Meal 3
4 oz unsalted water-packed tuna
Medium mixed garden salad with low-cal dressing

Meal 4
1/2 cantaloupe
Protein blend shake
8 oz water

Meal 5
4 oz halibut or salmon
Medium portion steamed vegetables
1 slice whole wheat bread
8 oz water

Meal 6
3 cups air-popped popcorn

It was a funny experience shopping for these items. I asked the cashier if she thought it looked unusual, and she said no, she sees people with these types of items all the time! Well, it's the first time I've ever bought 14 cantaloupes, 12 cases of egg whites, 24 cans of tuna, etc. I will have to buy more fruit and vegetables for next week, but the non-perishables were purchased for the entire 2 weeks.

Here are the diagnostic testing results:

Janet , Paul , Quinn
Age 48, 54, 15
Height 6"-0", 5'-11", 6'-1"
Weight 285, 269, 230
Basal Metabolic Rate 2433, 2459, 1857
% body fat 44.5, 35.4, 38.7
Fat weight 126, 95, 82
Fat free weight 159, 174, 148
Body Mass Index 38.7, 37.5, 30.3
V02 score 28, 33, 24
Level Average, Average, Poor
Neck 17, 19, 14.5
Shoulders 54, 51, 46.5
Chest 52, 49, 43
Arms flexed - right 14.75, 17, 15
Arms flexed - left 14, 17, 15
Forearms - right 12, 13, 11.5
Forearms - left 12, 12.75, 11
Waist 50, 47, 38.5
Hips 58, 47, 48
Thigh - right 27.5, 27, 27
Thigh - left 27, 27, 27
Calf - right 16.5, 18, 17.5
Calf - left 17, 17.5, 17
Wall Sit 20, 50, 25

For myself, it is extremely embarrassing to see some of these numbers, and here I am sharing them with the world. I have rarely told anyone my weight, preferring not even to know it myself. What makes it more bearable now is the deep down gut feeling I have that we are all determined to have much different numbers 12 weeks hence.

I am going to ponder these results for a few days and then set some targets I think I can reach. Paul and Quinn can share their own stories, feelings and reactions for themselves when they are comfortable to do so.


Anonymous said...

Hey Janet!!!
Wow that took guts to put it all out there in numbers. It reads like a very doable plan. It's just dealing with those tempting moments that will be hard. Try taking a walk around the block every time you feel tempted.
You all can DO IT!!!

Mike Perry said...

Hi Janet

I am very impressed with your honesty to share such private and very personal information.

I really hope you and your family meet your goals.

Mike ( Melanie's other half ).