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Monday, January 30, 2006

Visit from Dietician

We had a home consultation last night. I felt Paul and Quinn would be more receptive to nutrition information if it came from an expert - don't all families tune Mom out when she gets a bee in her bonnet?

Lindy took down our individual profiles, then asked us questions to see what we knew about nutrition. She told us there are 6 nutrition catagories;protein, carbs, fat, vitamins, minerals and water. There are 4 main food groups;meat, dairy, fuits and vegetables and grains. Lindy then dispelled some myths, like bread, pasta, and rice are NOT simple carbohydrates as I thought. Just anything with sugar in it is. But we do know that not all carbs are created equal, it's better for us (and especially Paul) if we choose ones with a low glycemic index. Lindy wants me to measure carbs out, no more than 3/4 cup per meal. She wants to put Paul on 2000 cal/day, Quinn and myself on 1800. We are to eat six times, our 3 meals should be no more than 500 calories, our snacks no more than 200 calories. This seems very reasonable. We are to incorporate food from at least 3 food groups in each meal and have a carb/protein combination at each snack. She does not want us to cut out entirely anything we like, just as long as we limit the portion. That is going to be my biggest challenge. She is not a big proponent of supplements as long as we are eating healthy (getting enough calcium), we should not need them. Quinn and Paul will help me with lunch preparation, so I don't lose me mind trying to cater to their likes/dislikes. I will have to get the food all out on the counter so they can grab and pack it. More later...


Anonymous said...

Hey can Lindy come over to my house? Sounds like a very worthwhile visit. I have also heard that one should never snack just carbs... always pair it with some protein. String Cheese is working great for the boys with a few wheat thins for an afterschool snack. Robby is really into the light yogurt smoothies. I like the calorie breakdown Lindy gave you and the fact that she wants you to 'measure out' carbs. We fool ourselves into thinking it's just a 1/2 cup (of potato or spaghetti) when it's really a whole cup! (if not more) Been there done that. I would want you to measure out everything, it's really an eye opening experience... specially when you actually weigh meats. Portion control is huge. Did I tell you that the Endo told me to go on a NO WHITE diet?.. no white bread, no potato, no crackers, no bagels, no white rice, etc. We were sort of already doing that but now we're gonna get even more serious about it.
Any ideas for making a healthy pizza? Robby is really dying for some pizza...

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to pass on a website that is all about pizza. It gives you ideas on how to make it healthier than calling up Pizza Hut.

Check out this website.


I only had a chance to read a bit of it, but I think it might help Robby's craving.