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Monday, October 04, 2010

What's new?

Apart from being older, fatter but hopefully wiser, I figured I'd mention briefly what we are all up to lately.

I quit working full time about two years ago. I really can't remember how long it's been. I just didn't feel that sitting at a desk 40+ hours a week was in my long term best interest. My body, mind and spirit were all screaming at me to get out of that situation. The adjustment has not been an easy one, because I have had a full time career that meant a great deal to me for over 3 decades. The time at home has not always been as productive as I would have liked, but I have managed to find part time work doing what I love, and have spent a good deal of time getting to know myself better through reading, works of art, and meditation. My general health has improved in the past few years since my TSH has stabilized at a manageable level, even though menopause is giving me new hormone challenges, I feel confident that I will be feeling much better in the golden years to come.

Paul is enjoying the challenges of a new position at work, and doesn't seem to mind the overtime it entails. He has a good buddy he likes to chill with on Friday nights to unwind from his hectic pace, and we continue to make a point of leaving town regularly, to have a change of scenery. I would like him to find a hobby he can become passionate about, but so far nothing has grabbed his attention. Paul's diabetes is under good management, but he is beginning to suffer with arthritis in one knee, so he is motivated to lose weight as much as I am.

Quinn is a young adult now, who makes her own decisions, with constant unsolicited guidance from her mom and dad. We supported her decision this summer to quit the business program at the local polytech. She is planning to work the next year and save up for a music diploma, hopefully the one offered in Victoria, BC. She also has a very nice boyfriend that keeps her grounded and happy. We were all shocked recently to find out that Quinn's liver is not functioning very well at all. Apart from being told to abstain from alcohol, lose 20 pounds and not take any Tylenol, she is expected to wait six months to retake the blood test. We hope this will work itself out and she can resume a normal life.

That's all folks. I hope you can check in with us here once in a while.

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