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Thursday, October 07, 2010


Thanks to a late arriving birthday present, this book came into my hands just when I needed it. Although I could not relate to the issues Elizabeth Gilbert had with her life, I thoroughly enjoyed the telling of it. Italy certainly was a more enriching experience for her than I found it to be. Italian food is very good, but I have never felt it necessary to go there to find a good plate of pasta or pizza.

My friend who gave me this book had been in India this year. They had very different experiences as well. This was the third of the book I enjoyed the most. Her search for a relationship with God was so pathetically honest and funny at the same time. I got a lot of good tips on meditation which I have incorporated into my own life.

Gilbert's descriptions of the Indonesian people who live in Bali was a hoot. I am tempted to go there just to soak up the atmosphere. It sounds like a place full of beauty, grace and contradiction.

Gilbert strikes me as a needy, self centred woman, and her year travelling has not endeared her to me, but the woman knows how to write, so even though her life does not resonate in me, I really loved sharing the journey with her.

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