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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Surrounded by fat

When I found myself stuck in neutral (or even reverse) on the road to wellness, I regretted having called my blog fat.fighting.family. It made even less sense when Paul and Quinn didn't show much interest in blogging. But when I thought about it, I could see that there is all kind of fat in our lives that needs to be trimmed.

From the fat morning newspaper, that lands on my doorstep, full of flyers that are never read to the fatheads who participate in (and watch) reality TV, I seem to be surrounded by different kinds of fat in my life. There are even people who wear a fat face, a false one that professes to the world that they belong to the only religion worth joining, or have the nicest lifestyle and are the most giving, charitable people with their time, talent and treasure. There is also another kind of fat that people envelop themselves in, to protect them from being noticed, appreciated or even loved, maybe because they have been told if they stay fat, they are not worth loving, even by themselves.

After my boating accident which I wrote about earlier, I remember thinking, "So THIS is why God made me fat! So I could stay warm and float so well in the water."

Now the question becomes why am I hanging onto this fat and the lifestyle that goes with it? The risks far outweigh the reasons. It is time I shed what is holding me back on my journey through life and became a much lighter version of myself - in body, mind and spirit.

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