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Saturday, October 16, 2010

What's wrong with me?

I watched some of the Chilean miners' rescue, like a billion other people. I am glad they are out and I am impressed with the technology that achieved this. I am also pleased for their families that the waiting and wondering is over. But that is where it ends. I don't care about it anymore. I don't want to watch a movie or read a book about it. I don't understand how this event could balloon into something this big and apparently hold so much meaning for so many people that have no connection to these people or the country, or the industry. Am I missing a gene the rest of you have? I can feel compassion for a lot of people in a lot of situations, but I am not feeling it to the same degree as everyone else around me. Something has changed me. I think it may be all the reading and research I have been doing this past year on the nature of our existance. The vastness of the universe and divine concerns may be putting earthly events into a different context. I am not sure where all this is leading, but it is a path I am eager to follow.

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